Saturday, February 20, 2021

Kompozyt - Spells [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on March 5th, 2k21 via Poland-based imprint Gusstaff Records is "Spells", the third full length album effort created by Polish brothers Piotr and Michal Zuralski under their shared artistic moniker that is Kompozyt which they first brought to life back in 2018. Spread out over seven tracks and a total runtime of roughly 40 minutes the duo explores further variations in the grey area in which Dub-infused roots and electronic music production meet. Pairing classic and warm, yet minimalist and soundsystem shaking basslines with sparse electronic textures and heaps of echoes Kompozyt stay close to the original formula of Dub with a contemporary twist partially evoking memories of labels like ~scape or Honest Jon's, resulting in timeless pieces like the ever floating "New Earth" with its subtle, naturalistic string harmonies providing a hint of beautiful, yet a little kitsch-y and somewhat esoteric freedom, the heavy, metallic Downbeat of "One Bless" which harks back to acts like Kitachi and the likes of whereas they lay down a dark'ish 4/4-based stepper tune with the "Fog Weaver", build a blueprint for brooding Minimal Dub in 2k21 with the slow, yet highly intense "Touching Lips" whilst touching base with sci-fi Future Dub in the excellent additional bonus cut "Passenger" just to name a few. Recommended - not only for true Dub headz.


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