Monday, March 29, 2021

M. Rösner - No Lasting Form [Room40 Promo]

Set for release via Australia's Room40 label on April 2nd, 2k21 is "No Lasting Form", the new album by M. Rösner which marks a remarkable return of an artist who has been one of the first people to ever release on Room40 ever and is also his first musical outing after being absent from the circuit for an extended period of time. Coming back with a total of eight brand new cuts rolled out over the course of 36 minutes and 36 seconds M. Rösner explores a tender, droning, yet multi-layered sonic universe from the very first moments of the calm, Ambient-leaning opener "Set Adrift" onwards which seems to incorporate altered, processed Field Recordings blown over from faraway construction sites as well as their mechanical processes, weighs in tender, emotionally touching and inward looking pianos in the subsequent piece that is "Celestial", drifts along the retrofuturism of computational processes and ever changing sinewave modulations in "Dead Reckoning" whilst carefully adding occasional piano notes to the mix before "Beneath The Breeze" indulges in full on minimalism and most beautiful atmospheric string works. Furthermore "Beacons" caters more minor scale pianos, this time in combination with vintage crackles and well ominous low end scrapings reminiscent of slowly grinding rocks, "Anchorage" is a blueprint for eerie late night Ambient for secluded, isolated listening sessions whilst "Three Sheets To The Wind" continues on a path of solemn piano composition and the concluding cut that is "Awash" introduces more of a glistening, brittle minimalism before crackly, dreamy vintage pianos once again provide the soundtrack for rainy autumn afternoons. Defo a timeless, well essential Ambient album and a most amazing comeback. Check!


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