Saturday, March 27, 2021

Merope - Salos [Granvat 021]

Put out on the circuit via the Granvat-imprint on February 24th, 2k21 is "Salos", the fourth full length album outing released by Merope, a collaborational project run by musicians from both Belgium and Lithuania which first appeared on the longplay circuit back in 2012. Now, with their latest creation Merope cater a total of seven songs, once again - like in the groups 2018-released album "Naktes" - fully reminiscent of and harking back to the naturalistic beauty and innocence of ancient Folk songs combined with tender electronic textures and - for a first - the multilayered, ever floating vocal power of the Vilnius Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika conducted by Vaclovas Augustinas which, alongside other contributing guest musicians, played an essential role in the creation of this album and its tender, soft and oftentimes touching re-interpretations of traditional, centuries old Lithuanian songs like the ever caressing, slightly Indietronica-leaning "Bitinelis", the ecclesiastiastically floating chorals of "Oi Toli", the angelic, yet slightly kitsch-driven Ambient elegies of "Alma" or the almost acoustic minimal guitar piece that is "Sakale" just to name a few. A most beautiful album, this.


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