Thursday, October 14, 2021

Giacomo Zanus - Kora [Aut Records 073]

Released via Italian avantgarde imprint Aut Records on June 28th, 2k21 is Giacomo Zanus' "Kora", the latest and somewhat self-titled album created by the quartet of the same name - comprised of Giorgio Pacorig, Mattia Magatelli and Marco D'Orlando working alongside the groups leader and visionary whose main approach lies in the fusion of composition and free improvisation and the creation of a somewhat dreamy amalgamation of both electronic soundscapes and proper irl instruments. This said, the nine tracks on this 55 spanning album provide an overall twangy and laid back, well comforting and Easy Listening-leaning experience, oozing an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation from the very first moments of the opening cut "Every Little Gift Has A Little Secret" onwards, followed by tender, loving, somewhat folksy and most beautiful piano lines in "Something Lost, Something Gained" which find their even more romantic and intimate, later freefloating, jazzed out and improvised continuation in "Let Kindness Lift Your Soul". With "Charmolypi / Mystikos" the Kora quartet enters a sonic realm as innocent, joyful and pure as early flower power x hippie culture before being taken over by shrieking digital feedback noise throughout the tunes very last seconds, "Prayer" takes on a nightly, stripped down and minimalistic path in Contemporary Jazz for the lack of a better description, followed on a similar, yet more jazzy and shimmering note by the short interlude that is "And Then We Looked Up To The Stars". Furthermore "The Dream Not Yet Dreamed" takes minimalism in Jazz to a new level with its tenderly plucked bass notes and dubbed out, psychedelia-infused instrumental layers slowly turning into a scenic, panorama-sized variation of Americana vibewise, "E Tu, Cosa Cherchi?" comes at us with a classic Viennese Future Jazz vibe (remember Cheap Records, anyone?) and the final "Postludium" introduces some sort of Ambient-leaning, well maritime melancholia for a closing. Beautifully intimate music to be shared with a good friend - or a deeply loved one.

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