Sunday, October 10, 2021

Nils Økland - Glødetradar [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via Norway's ever active Hubro Music label on October 10th, 2k21 is "Glødetradar", the latest album outing by dedicated hardanger fiddle player and composer Nils Økland. Commissioned for the Vossajazz 2016 festival and realized with the help of a plethora of renowned contributors the eight tracks and roughly 39 minutes spanning album sees Økland focusing on hardanger fiddle and the rare viola d'amore with these instruments embedded in a scenic, oftentimes longing and emotionally touching setting that reflects both the classic beauty and simplicity of rural, ancient Norwegian Folk music as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of minimalistic, yet contemporary Jazz - especially and best reflected in the stripped down bass sequences featured in the calm, melancholia-inducing meanderings of "Rull" which slowly bends and moves like a large river as well as in the dramatic melodic climax to be found in "Glør"- whilst elements of (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical music as well as scenic Chamber Music might be more prevalent in the most beautiful sonic stream of "Linja" as well as in "Vala", the most tender and pure piece on this well deep and autumnal album that is best consumed in silence in an intimate, candle-lit setting with a loved one by one's side just to name a few. Check.

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