Sunday, December 12, 2021

Luca Perciballi / Organic Gestures - Approximately Grids With A Plan [Aut Records 077]

Put out on the circuit via the Italian avantgarde imprint Aut Records on December 6th, 2k21 is "Approximately Grids With A Plan", the new seven track album release by Luca Perciballi-led trio project Organic Gestures. Comprised of Mr. Perciballi himself alongside Andrea Grossi on double bass and percussionist Andrea Grillini on drums the roughly 51 minutes spanning longplayer follows a meta conceptual approach referred to as 'organic action' in the accompanying promo sheet, drawing inspiration from natures innate architecture of things as well as the mathematical concept of fractals which, in combination, result in a complex, non-linear array of thundering, ever developing drum rolls and patterns to be found in the opening cut "Poiesis I" whereas the free floating effect of continuous variations shifts towards tender drifting guitar loops in all three iterations of the "Breeding Cycle" which are partially accompanied by well gritty backings and occasional PostRock references whereas pieces like the 13+ minutes spanning "Eating Lichens (To Luigi Ghirri)" are starting from a point of what seem to be randomly scattered Field Recordings, move over to slightly Jazz-infused guitar improvisations before taking an unexpected turn towards nightly, yet danger heralding and spine-tingling atmospheres in which electronic drones and signals emulate howling wolves and a truly outerworldy presence. Furthermore "Breeding Cycles III" provides a journey into heavy, somewhat Psychedelic Rock-driven FreeJazz before "Molecular Mobiles II" combines intense strumming and complex lo-fi Indietronica vibes cumulating in a noisy climax whereas "Poiesis II" rounds thing off in a most tender, romantic and melancholia-inducing manner, weighing in panoramic, almost Modern Classic-leaning string works alongside the projects trademark drums hidden deep in the back of the overall mix. Well demanding, this.


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