Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Milosz Pekala - 8 Pieces In Different Tempos [Gusstaff Records]

Put on the circuit via Polish experimental x avantgarde imprint Gusstaff Records on November 19th, 2k21 is the latest, eight tracks and 35 minutes spanning album crafted and conceived by producer and vibraphone player Milosz Pekala. Aptly named "8 Pieces In Different Tempos" we see the Pekala mixing up his instrument of choice with his love for programming both analogue synths and lo-fi devices like the the classic Gameboy to create a beautifully spaced out, Psychedelia-infused sonic trip starting with the seductive chiming sino grooves of "International Karate" followed by a sweet cover version of "Juju" taken off of Mouse on Mars' seminal 1997 album "Autoditacker" which seems to be based on somewhat shortened, slightly off-kilter loop sequencing. With "Game #1" Pekala explores a hollow MicroHouse-leaning, 4-2-the-floor rhythm signature as a foundation for an overwhelming, ever present low end and cascading 8bit motifs for retro computer game nerds , "Slow #1" presents a floating exercise in timeless Space Ambient / Easy Listening whereas "Contra" brings forth one of the most uplifting takes on Micromusic we've heard in a long time and can therefore be named as a candidate for a potential hit single on this longplayer. Furthermore "Slow #2" follows the path taken by its predecessor into an enchanted sonic wonderland, "Plateau" takes SlowHouse / Romantic House to a chiming new and most tender piano-led level and the concluding variant that is "Slow #3" waves goodbye on a comforting Ambient tip once again. One album highly recommended for all fans of friendly, curious and playful oldskool Electronica, this.


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