Monday, November 29, 2021

Zea - Witst Noch Dat D'r Neat Wie [Makkum Records 033 / Subroutine Records 119]

Put out on the circuit as a collaborational effort between the labels Makkum Records and Subroutine Records on November 19th, 2k21 is "Witst Noch Dat D'r Neat Wie", the latest album by Arnold De Boer's solo project Zea - and, now that's a special, his second album fully focusing on the Frisian language and therefore paying homage to his own provenance as well as his close connection to and love for linguistics. Released as a fifteen track album spanning 56 minutes runtime and providing an extended hardcover booklet with liner notes alongside beautiful illustrations as well as lyrics not only in Frisian but additional translations into other languages "Witst Noch Dat D'r Neat Wie" brings forth a touching, yet widely unrecognized tradition of local Folk music and songwriting with the sparse opening song even touching base with what could be described as Frisian Blues of sorts, building up towards almost Rock-infused expressions, "De Doer" pairs subdued, meandering guitar pluckings with an intense Spoken Word performance, pieces like "Boarne" or the calming sonic stream of "Ik Gean Nea Dea" are focusing on a classic, masterful approach towards what is widely recognized as Singer/Songwriter stylewise whilst "Fuort" - our favorite cut on the album alongside the stripped down "Roeiers" - even digs deep into Desert Blues / Americana alongside whispered vocals before providing a surprising, highly dramatic dynamic change for all the Punk loving Frisians out there whereas the plucked rhythmic guitars in "Doch Noch" even seem to reference African Kologo music for a change just to name a few. A well excellent album. Recommended.

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