Tuesday, January 25, 2022

27.01.2022 baze.djunkiii presents This Ain't NuBeat Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2200 GMT+1)

A title in disguise. And one that's well misleading on purpose. Hamburg-based Radio Flouka resident baze.djunkiii presents an exclusive hour long vinyl selection 100% inspired and infused by what could be pinned down as one of the earliest incarnations of electronic club music in mainland Europe – NuBeat x New Beat, depending where you're from - which ruled especially Belgian dancefloors throughout the second half of the 80s. Staying true to the bleak, neon-lit aesthetics of the original NuBeat sound baze.djunkiii opens with an exclusive lathe cut dubplate by electronic music pioneer Lagowski, digs up rare contemporary (Neo)NuBeat cuts as well as original tracks from the genres heydays, adds more twisted exotica by the likes of Chris & Cosey as well as DAF's Gabi Delgado only to end up on a heavy Industrial tip with Detroit's Final Cut which list a pretty unknown Motor City DJ named Jeff Mills as one of their members only to conclude the mix with a heavy take on ElectroPhonk by German producer Sascha Müller which has been released as a limited gold vinyl 7“ on baze.djunkiii's own label Intrauterin Recordings in mid-2k21.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]

file under: NuBeat / Industrial

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka


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