Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Julien Demoulin - Everything Forgotten, Everything Remembered [Sound In Silence 087]

Put out on the circuit via the Athens, Greece-based Ambient staple that is Sound In Silence on December 13th, 2k21 is "Everything Forgotten, Everything Remembered", the latest album crafted by French Brussels resident Julien Demoulin and his first album on the label since 2k21. With his new longplay piece Demoulin adds another seven tracks and 43 minutes of playtime to his already impressive back catalogue, further exploring the field of classic Ambient pads and structures, hovering, beautifully washed out atmospheres and more from the very first moments of the deeply emotional opener "A Kingdom" onwards which turns into a touching array of slowly cascading loops via the warm and peaceful sound streams brought to us by the scenic "A Loss For Words" as well as the subsequent "All Around" which features additional layers of naturalist Field Recordings to the (Neo)Classical-infused melancholia of "Chinese Handcuffs". Furthermore we see the "Moon Still" on a ruminant, nightly and relatively dark, inward-looking tip, the title track "Everything Forgotten, Everything Remembered" provides a beautiful take on misty, drifting and well autumnal melancholia paired with a certain cinematic sadness before "Dissolving In Silence" dabbles with a spine-tingling ethereal amalgamation of Post-PostRock, blurred DreamPop vocals and PopAmbient for a closing, providing the first - and final - use of vocals on this album and ends up to be our favorite cut on here. Limited to 200 copies worldwide and therefore a soon to be sought after gem for all true Ambient headz out there.


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