Sunday, January 09, 2022

Various Artists - Dark Wall Vol. 002 [Orks 006 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the relatively young Orks label as their 006 on January 20th, 2k22 is "Dark Walls Vol. 002", a digital six track compilation album / EP showcasing and introducing an assortment of tracks by artists associated with the labels roster. Opening with "Go Ahead" we see Hanzzo & The D3VI7 exploring the realm of precisely shaped, dark'ish and well bouncy peak time Techno with a slightly distorted, ravey twist somewhat reminiscent of certain late 90s productions crafted by the likes of Marco Zaffarano whereas Leopold Bär's "Atman" follows up with a similarly dark and reverberating attitude, yet serves an array of nervous synth sweeps for a main motif, paired up with mystical, almost PsyTrance-infused build-ups before "Dimensions" by Mr. Wox introduces a quite distinct, probably uber-compressed drum foundation and a certain monotony which is about to be appreciated by die-hard Techno and Hardcore purists. Furthermore Sinistermind's "504" brings forth a rather uptempo and futuristic approach to proper Rave Techno driven by a clean, stripped down, yet positive and tongue-in-cheek main sequence and a galloping bassline somewhat harking back to the golden era of high quality TechTrance, CDtrax' "Zelda" makes sure to please all fans and followers of deepest, most sci-fi- / space-infused Detroit Techno with its hypnotic arrangement of chiming, minimalist layers contrasted by spooky, well unsettling non-vocalisms before Giuseppe Schembri rounds things off with "Her Shadow" which is a cold, icy take on what what could be best described as HyperTrance with its crisp ethereal atmospheres and relentlessly marching drums for dim and fog-filled underground dancefloors. Defo a proper selection of tunes, this.


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