Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Dorf - Protest Possible [Umland Records 050]

Another fresh one put out on the circuit via Essen's famed Umland Records label on October 25th, 2k21 is "Protest Possible", the latest full length album effort created by the multi-artist collective known as The Dorf which sees group venturing in to new territories - protest songs, obviously, but even moreso the use of lyrics and lyricism in general which hasn't been part of The Dorf's sonic spectrum before. With lyrics especially written for this album as well as excerpts from press articles and features embedded in certain pieces the 53 minutes and nine compositions spanning body of work covers a surprisingly wide spectrum from riff-heavy Rock Music which evokes faint memories of avantgarde groups like Bitch Band No. I to fascinatingly robotic P-Funk ("Selbständig"), spaced out, wafting Ambient soundscapes paired with Balearic guitars leading into what could be described as an abstract interpretation of the former Arbeiterlied ('workers song') genre found in "Sag Warum", more demanding, highly dramatic Cut-Up / Leftfield Pop fusion tunes as well as surprisingly emotional German Soul x Pop ballads ("Du, Du, Du"), frolicking Jazz x Chanson pieces and more. Quite an unusual release for The Dorf and the Umland Records imprint but defo one that might well exceed the projects usual circles and audience, probably stirring up both controversy as well as fruitful discussions amongst those listening to the albums lyrics closely and attentively.

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