Tuesday, February 01, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k22

01. From Nursery To Misery - Tree Spirits [Dark Entries Records 284]
What a wondrous and spine-tingling gem this re-issue is. Recorded in the period between 1989 and 1991 in Basildon, UK out of all places From Nursery To Misery, comprised of identical twin sisters Tina and Gina Fear alongside Lee Stevens, laid down a series of songs published on two self-released cassette albums as well as several compilation tapes, creating a fascinatingly unique sonic universe somewhere in between the echoes of Punk, Industrial, bleak SynthPop, Wave x (No)Wave and the British equivalent of the Ingenious Dilettantes movement. Eleven songs of raw, ethereal and outerworldy beauty, floating beyond the restrictions of any given or defined genre aesthetics, lyrically naive yet filled with a certain criticism of the existing social and economic system of the time, performed with childlike intonation and vocals oftentimes out of tune with the underlying foundation. Which, to subsume this briefly, makes "Tree Spirits" one of the freshest, most interesting and most inspiring albums we've heard in a while and probably immediately onto the list of our favorite albums of all time. Check "Poison", "My Life In Shatters" or the eerie "Say Goodbye (To The Deep Blue Sky)" for potentially life-changing hit singles. Essential.

02. The Mountain People - Ocean Me [Mountain People 018]
The Switzerland-based imprint that is Mountain People is at it again with their latest 12" which brings on quite a catchy surprise with its opening cut named "Iterate". Instead of sticking to their usual formula of expertly crafted House and DeepHouse which still applies to the A2 and B1 cut on this single, "Iterate" provides a friendly, playful and dancefloor functional take on Electro perfectly suitable for small, intimate late night dancefloors and underground venues hidden deep within the heart of a cities red light district. If you're a fan of the UK-based Innate label you will know - and most likely highly appreciate - what this main cut is all about.

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