Friday, February 11, 2022

Liz Allbee - Rille [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via the US-based label Relative Pitch Records on October 22nd, 2k21 is "Rille", the latest, seven track spanning album by composer x trumpet player Liz Allbee who's been active on the longplay circuit since 2005. Stretched out over the course of pretty much exactly 40 minutes playtime we see Liz Allbee pairing low Electronica pulses with sparse, yet atmospheric textures and a layer of brittle, whispering voices buried deep within the mix from the very first moments of the calm, yet somewhat dramatic opener "To The Moon" onwards whereas the subsequent "Rille Estate" offers a more brooding, low frequency dependent take on textural Ambient whilst microtonal air flows and fragmented Spoken Word sequences seemingy recorded through a telephone provide spine-tingling tension before "Walls & Windows" opens a short window into the realm of minimalist DarkJazz. Furthermore "All The Light Let In" amalgamates a combination of Clicks'n'Cuts, more Spoken Word and an ominous IDM / Electronica foundation reminiscent of The Future Sound Of London in their heydays, "Tectonic Foundations" adds more of a bleak minimalist Future Tribal vibe and intense, dark'ish minor piano chords as well as haunting non-vocalisms to the mix whilst "Kaspar Hauser" finally fuses Dark Ambient and LeftfieldFolk / FreakFolk to a most beautiful effect and the subsequent "Burrows" even dabbles with super stripped down Deep Listening Music on the extreme a.k.a. lowest end of the audible spectrum for a closing. A highly recommended album, this.

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