Thursday, July 21, 2022

X.D.D. - Vol. 02 [X-Static Dance Department 002 Promo]

Released via the elusive digital imprint that is the X-Static Dance Department is "Vol. 02", the second ever two track single put out on the circuit by a project named X.D.D.. With its name harking back to good old Techno Rave days stylewise we see the X.D.D. project set course for full on dancefloor movement with the raw and well muscular attitude of "Exit E" which combines the untamed madness and unpolishedness of early 90s Italian productions with a hint of heavy, relentless Techno Trance hypnotizm to a great effect whilst the subsequent cut named "Geek" shifts gears towards a hounded, whipping lo-fi variation of slightly shuffled ToolTechno action, weighing in loads of filter action, an overall percussive attitude and warped echoes of slightly mutated Disco licks hidden deep within the mix for all adventurous and most of all: relentless and fast mixing trueskool DJ's out there. Bang.


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