Sunday, October 23, 2022

Chris Pitsiokos - Art Of The Alto [Relative Pitch Records]

Released via the Avantgarde-leaning imprint that is Relative Pitch Records on September 16th, 2k22 is "Art Of The Alto", the second solo saxophone album release recorded for the label by American alto saxophone player Chris Pitsiokos. Rolled out over the course of roughly 42 minutes and a total of eight pieces Pitsiokos fully explores the sonic range of his instrument starting from a point of amplified spatial microtonal eruptions and nerve-wrecking high frequenies to be found in the albums opening cut that is "Dolomite" whereas the follow up that is "Basalt" emulates the well unnerving swell of a siren for a start only to fracture and decay in a true FreeJazz x Improv fashion, "Gaddbro" takes a well surprising turn towards percussive minimalism, "Shale" brings forth intense, ever climaxing spirals of expressive madness whereas "Sandstone" delves into a series of squeaking, exoplanetary alien pulses and the final cut named "Anthracite" finally discovers a more melodic, quasi traditional Jazz feel for a closing just to pick a few. If Avantgarde FreeJazz is your passion this one might well find a way into your collection for a reason.

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