Saturday, October 22, 2022

NO MORE - Kissin' In The Blue Dark [Rent A Dog]

Coming in from the Kiel based headoffices of the long standing PostPunk x Goth legends NO MORE which have been in the game for more than 40 years right now is "Kissin' In The Blue Dark", the bands latest and with a total of 29 brand new songs probably most extended album release ever. Released via Rent A Dog on October 14th, 2k22 the album sees the duo provide two different musical approaches spread over the course of this 2CD release with the first half named "Blue" providing a hint of panoramic and large scale personal drama from the very beginning of its opener "Berlin Soul " onwards and its dancefloor filling, kinda uplifting PostPunk follow up that is "Keep It Cool", drifts into tender, loving and ballad'esque beauty with "A Happy Place" as well as David Lynch-leaning dreamscapes with the title track that is "Kissin' In The Blue Dark", caters hounded, feverish and otherworldly over the top madness prevalent in "Adrift" whereas "Sleepers And Trains" taps into a whirlwind of slightly more electronic Minimal Wave vibes and another dose of driving, ever spiralling dancefloor goodness sporting the most seductive synth melody to be found on this album in "Joan In A Red Field". With "Dark", the second half of this package, the band brings forth a deeper, well cinematic approach with the opening Ambient x Score piece that is "Nightfall" followed by the touching, ruminant ballad named "The Sun, Henriette, The Sun", the playful and dreamy instrumental vibe set by "Descending" as well as the nocturnal Midnight Blues of "Chateau d'Herouville" whilst NO MORE are going fully Cosmic with pieces like "A.E.S" and even pay homage to German pioneers Kraftwerk with the pumping, yet atmospheric and washed out dancefloor smasher named "The Night Still Holds Temptation" just to name a few. Absolutely stunning and a fully fledged masterpiece. Get.


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