Thursday, October 13, 2022

The D3VI7 - Blue Line [Sound Kleckse Records 348 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the long standing German underground Techno staple Sound Kleckse Records as their 348 on July 7th, 2k22 is "Blue Line", another hefty two track single forged in hell by The D3VI7 himself. Opening with the title-bearing track "Blue Line" The D3VI7 explores hard stomping and slighty distorted Tech hyperfunctionality defined by endless drum loops, filters and a well hypnotic and bleepy high frequency main motif which would've moved many bodies and bent many braincells throughout the so-called Intelligent Techno era in the first half of the 90s as well before his "Cold Shaker" enters a realm of fast-paced, yet beautifully sculpted Techno with a certainly clean and futuristic, Detroit minimalism-leaning vibe. Top drawer.


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