Saturday, October 08, 2022

Violeta Garcia - Fobia [Relative Pitch Records]

Released via the NYC-based imprint that is Relative Pitch Records on September 30th, 2k22 is "Fobia", the second fully fledged album piece produced by Argentina-born cellist Violeta Garcia for the label. Rolled out over the course of fifteen pieces and miniatures providing an ark of roughly 39 minutes total runtime Violeta Garcia explores the sonic range of her prepared and amplified violoncello on her latest body of work, progressing from hefty, intense and well threatening electro-acoustic Noize treatments prevalent in the opening cut that is "Ahre Dark" to almost untreated (Neo)Classical- / Modern Classical-leaning improvisational miniatures, harsh and scraping treatments telling audible tales of the forces applied to the instrument in cuts like "Gravedad" or "Decidir" whereas "Lov3" provides an excursion into more minimalist, dramatic and nocturnal compositional structures when it comes to Contemporary Classical music, "Vieja" and "Evil" drift off into fully agitated, improvisational chaos and "Autofobia" focuses on a mechanical, microtonal, eerie and surely outerdimensional sound spectrum that well exceeds and transcends whatever a conventional listener would expect a violoncello to sound like just to name a few. File under: Avantgarde music for the trained ear.

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