Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Geir Sundstøl - Studio Intim Sessions Vol. 1 [Hubro Music]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Norwegian staple that is Hubro Music on September 30th, 2k22 is "Studio Intim Sessions Vol. 1", the fifth full legth studio album recorded by Geir Sundstøl and his first longplayer which sees him wandering off the beaten path conceptually. Inspired by a vastly international record collection he inherited from his seafaring uncle at age 16 and owing a part of its title to the fact that Geir Sundstøl recorded in a studio place next to a shady massage parlor throughout the early days of his career the six pieces on this half hour lasting body of work lead us into widely varied sonic directions starting of with the twangy, hippie'esque slide guitar-infested ExoticaDub of "Gem", fusing classic laid back Dub-basslines with ChillOut and hot desert night vibes in "Snik" whilst weighing in echoes of Downtempo and World Music in the extended piece "C'est Vide En Ville" which evokes memories of Boozoo Bajou and the likes of despite sporting seductive chanson'esque female French vocals before "Whole" rounds things off flirting with proper, yet twisted 70s instrumental song structures just to name a few. A well interesting, super chill and surprisingly bass heavy trip for a Hubro Music release, this. Lovely.

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