Saturday, November 19, 2022

Philippe Petit - A Reassuring Elsewhere, Chapter 1 [Oscillations 002]

Put out on the circuit via the relatively fresh Oscillations label is Philippe Petit's "A Reassuring Elsewhere, Chapter 1", the first part of a triple album trilogy thought up and conceived by the long standing French producer, composer, DJ and radio host who's been active in various roles since the early 80s. Presenting a take on prepared piano and theremin in conjunction with a Buchla 200 synth and an EMS Synthi A over the course of six pieces and a total playtime of approx. 43 minutes Mr. Petit explores a spatial, free-floating and therefore timing-less sonic universe of a highly experimental, oftentimes even collage'esque and sometimes well cheeky nature, pairing curious, playful retrofuturist vintage synth blips, sweeps and swirls with well unsettling metallic rumblings from the very inside of a grand piano, the obvious use and abuse of the instruments strings, non-defined creaks and scrapings as well as short, well fever'ish rhythmic outbreaks and slightly jazzed out hyperabstractions in those rare moments in which the piano is recognizable in its initial form whereas the final cut even provides a feel of wandering through an enchanted, fantastical miniature wonderworld trapped and encased inside a gargantuan metal drum and therefore might be our favorite cut on this longplayer. If the general concept of Plunderphonics is one well familiar to you this one might be an album within your musical wheelhouse.

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