Sunday, November 13, 2022

Slina Trzaska - Slina Trzaska [Gusstaff Records Promo]

The ever active imprint that is Poland's Gusstaff Records seemingly never sleeps and therefore brings us the new self-titled album by Slina Trzaska, a four track and 57 minutes spanning collaborational effort by Wroclaw-based band Slina and saxophone x clarinet player Mikolaj Trzaska. With four subsequently numbered pieces, all named and defined by their individual playtime only, the October 28th, 2k22 released album provides a journey opening from a point of deeply enchanted, Ambient- x score-leaning electronic textures garnished with playful and explorative, jazzed-out duo sax meanderings slowly drifting towards what could be described as screaming hot oriental desert vibes gradually turning into a crescendo of multilayered madness within the first piece which is followed by buzzing, electric and scurrying improvisations accompanied by rumbling, thunderous drum lines buried deep within the background of a highly melancholia inducing nocturnal mixdown. Furthermore the second extended piece crossing the 20+ minutes mark on this album provides most beautiful and unexpectedly tender late night Jazz before making a turn towards nervous and unsettling agitation which could provide a suitable soundtrack for fever dreams and disturbing nightmares before the album is finally coming full circle with a closing harking back to the peaceful, enchanted and wondrous intro sequence of the opening tune. This one's a deep one.


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