Wednesday, March 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2k23

01. Geier Aus Stahl - Strapazen Und Genesung [Knekelhuis 043]
That's a well interesting longplay debut on the Dutch label Knekelhuis. The Viennese duo that is Geier Aus Stahl have not only chosen one of the very best project names in the history of electronic music ever but also manage to deliver the most greyscale'ish and depressive take on stripped down, contemporary MinimalWave garnished with an occasional pinch of hypermoody Industrial you might ever hear. Fascinatingly dark and captivating.

02. Combat Dubs - Combat Dubs II *2023 Repress [Intrauterin Recordings 007]
See announcement post for details...

03. Various Artists - Artificial Intelligence: Electronic Listening Music From Warp [Warp Records]
One of the most essential and at the time groundbreaking compilation releases in contemporary electronic music is back. In 1993 Warp Records' "Artificial Intelligence" provided a blueprint for the emerging Intelligent Techno x IDM scene of the early 90's with captivating and curious intelligent dancefloor bang0rz like Musicology's playful BrokenBeat cut "Telefone 529" as well as their Post-Rave anthem "Preminition", Autechre's Phonk classic "Crystel", Speedy J's most beautiful ChillOut tune that's "De-Orbit" as well as the spiralling Acid x ProtoTrance goodness that's "UP!" provided by Richie Hawtin under his Spiritual High guise and Dr. Alex Paterson's ever cascading Ambient synth pleasures of "Loving You Live" amongst others. Defo a must have, even though we'd love to have seen an actual 2xLP set for this reissue to provide more room and dynamics for each individual tune instead of cramming nearly 25 minutes or more onto one side of a single vinyl.

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