Thursday, March 16, 2023

User23564112514 - Kidz EP [User Recordings 045 Promo]

Released digitally via the still well mysterious imprint User Recordings as their 045 on December 13th, 2k22 is the "Kidz EP", the first outing on the label by User23564112514. Whilst the opening cut "Untitled 5-1" provides a raw, slightly distorted take on full Acid madness based on short, ever repeating loop modulation sequences meandering towards peak intensity, accompanied by razor sharp, mental hi-hat x noise bursts the subsequent second track, "Untitled 6-1" enters even more brutal and mind-bending HardAcid territories with its barrage fire clap attacks, hyper dense modulation layers and untamed, uncompromising jam session attitude. Pure insanity.


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