Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Martina Bertoni - Hypnagogia [Karlrecords 097 Promo]

Roughly two years after the release of her label debut "Music For Empty Flats" Martina Bertoni is back on Karlrecords with a new album - the six tracks and roughly 35 minutes spanning "Hypnagogia". Released on January 20th, 2k23 Bertoni once again combines cello, electronics and voice on the new longplay piece, opening with the brittle and glacial Ambient movements of "Inversion" which set a panoramic, majestic even, yet icy and somewhat Nordic tone for things to come like the subsequent "Collided" with its highly intense droning sweeps and swells paired with a background of atmospheric static before "From E To W" brings forward a perfect score for an actual earthrise experienced from the moons surface with its quasi-angelic harmonies and subdued, meandering piano tones. Furthermore the "Orchid" presents dense layers of slightly off-kilter Ambient Noize paired with yearning echoes of echoes of re-processed Contemporary Classical structures, "Hemisphere" dives even deeper into an intimate, calm, yet highly emotional fusion of Ambient and Modern Classical and "Your Sun" closes out on a rather brooding UnAmbient tip, introducing tectonic low end shifts, atmospheric crackles and a certain post-apocalyptic feel even though its wafting, slightly distorted melodies provide a shimmering glimpse, a silver lining of hope at the horizon far far away.


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