Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Jarr - 42° [Sound In Silence 104]

Released via the Greek Ambient x ChillOut imprint Sound In Silence on June 26th, 2k23 as their cat.no. 104 is "42°", the sophomore album outing for the label by Jarr, the collaborative duo project run by Jon Attwood and Ray Robinson which are probably better known to many under the respective musical aliases Yellow6 and Wodwo. Taking inspiration from the physical aspect of and the 42 degrees angle needed relative to the specific light source to actually see rainbows the pair of artists pours these inspirations into a set of six tracks rolled out over the course of 66 minutes, bringing forth tender and organic Ambient textures as an harmonic blanket for singular, minimalist and ever meandering Post-PostRock leaning guitar excersises resulting in partially large scale panoramic streams of sound calmly floating like big rivers through peaceful, unscathed meadows ("Rainbows On Their Curves I") whereas others like "Into The Mist" drift straight off into soothing, billowing dream worlds or, in the case of "The Pavement Sparkles", even reference classic spaced out Cosmic / (Neo)Cosmic for fans of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the likes of, yet with a slightly riff-oriented twist. Lovely.


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