Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Vasco Trilla - A Constellation Of Anomaly [Thanatosis Produktion 026]

Put out on the circuit via Thanatosis Produktion on June 2nd, 2k23 is "A Constellation Of Anomaly", the latest solo album by Spanish drummer x percussionist Vasco Trilla. With his sixth solo outing - and an additional gazillion of collaborational releases under his belt - Trilla caters a total of ten brand new cuts rolled out over the course of 43 minutes whilst approaching his instruments from a rather unusual angle rather than the one which would be described as 'percussive' usually. Starting from a point of whirling metallic sweeps only to progress into cavernous realms of reverberating Industrial Ambient "A Constellation Of Anomaly" further caters episodes of uncanny and desolate Dark Ambient accompanied by yearning squeals of loneliness as well as hyperbleak Death Ambient in tracks like "Circulation Of the Circular" whereas the subsequent "Polyphony Of Self Worlds" reveals slightly ritualistic, meditative qualities whilst working its way up to a mind numbing, thundering and ever mounting sci-fi-infused intensity and "The Shaking Hand That Leaves A Mark '#2" presents a chiming, innocent, floating and more positive sonic outlook just to name a few. File under: Avantgarde Music.

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