Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Melech / Kurek - Walk Thru [Gusstaff Records]

Also scheduled for release via Gusstaff Records on February 9th, 2k24 is "Walk Thru", the sophomore album effort conceived by Polish musicians and multidisciplinary artists Piotr Melech and Wojtek Kurek as a duo, despite having worked and played together in this specific setting for a total of seven years by now. Both long standing artists in their respective own right their second joint venture release, spanning a total of 10 tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes, sees the duo on a rather explorative tip from the very start of the ever meandering Jazz x Jazz Noir opener "Gift Shop" and its slightly Oriental rhythm signatures, further exploring fast-paced polyrhythms alongside melancholia-inducing clarinet progressions in "Tax Office", throwing seductive echoes of South x Latin American dance music into the mix with "Antique Shop" whereas "University" provides quite a fascinating, ever changing, yet ever so hypnotic take on slightly Wolrd Music informed Jazz, probably drawing influences from Arab music at times. Furthermore the timeless cut named "Library" lives off of lively, complex and carefully arranged rhythm signatures and a quite nocturnal take on Jazz Noir whereas a trip into "Old Town" presents a final trip into complex polyrhythms and tender, yet seductive clarinet workouts for dedicated Jazz lovers and those to be just to name a few. Interesting stuff, this. Go check.

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