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baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k24

01. Chihuahua On Acid - Chihuahua On Acid [Intrauterin Recordings 010]
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02. Disintegrator - Lock On Target [Industrial Strength 007]
Originally released in 1992 this four track EP by Oliver Chesler a.k.a. The Horrorist and John Selway under their shared musical moniker Disintegrator presents a relentless fusion of straightforward and hard stomping bass drums, brain-melting Acid modulation sequences and an uncompromising ProtoHardcore x DarkRave x Early Hardcore attitude as well a portentous sci-fi feel when it comes to one of our favorite cuts on this one named "Dark Black Ominous Clouds" which still rocks places best records like this were intended for - shady underground warehouse raves and strobe-lit basements of long time abandoned industrial estates. Proper Techno for those who still know. Reissued for a new audience because its message and vibe still holds up today.

03. Members Of Mayday - Mayday Anthem [Electric Ballroom 033]
The 1992-released "Mayday Anthem" is probably the mother of all rave anthems and most infamous amongst all of them due to its epic intro and iconic vocal sample which made it an instant staple and a statement within the German Techno x Rave scene. And whilst the seminal original cut is featured on the b-side of this picture disc 12" and provides a proper clean double copy for all the dedicated ravers who might still own an original vinyl copy we see Electric Ballroom head honcho Thomas Schumacher at the controls for a contemporary Techno update which provides more speed, more urgency and a pumping, more muscular vibe for todays dancefloors, still featuring the original vocals and classic stab sequence, all accompanied by an ever meandering and driving synth line which evokes distant memories of the short lived Hiver & Hammer's Hand On Divine project of the early 2000 which aimed for a dancefloor revival of the early 80s drag anthem "Step By Step".

04. Rico Puestel - I Don't Get Techno Anymore [Exhibition]
I do get it. Mr. Puestel doesn't get Techno anymore and deals with the situation by... producing more Techno. Four tracks of raw and tool'ish, mostly loop-oriented Techno goodness, in parts infused and influenced by motor city Detroit when it comes to deep and minimalist synth works, in parts dedicated to relentless mechanical movements on strobe-lit underground dancefloors and, in terms of the B2 cut "It Used To Have Soul", even exploring dreamy, yet captivating Breakbeat Techno backed by a washed out, almost romantic and surely vintage sounding piano motif. Perfect tools for never ending nights - in the most literal sense possible as each of the four tunes is unending and spirals off into an expertly cut and highly functional locked groove which opens a lot of options for the well experienced DJ. Marbled oxblood vinyl is a bonus.

05. Hellfish - Allstar Hardcore Wankers EP [PRSPCT Recordings 307]
Long standing Hardcore producer Hellfish is back with a bang and with what could be considered to be his most - and most obviously... - offensive record so far. Banging in-your-face beats, offensive language, samples taken from an infamous drug documentary featuring a long time British event promoter and substance aficionado these four tracks have it all to beat the shit out of every dancefloor and punter dedicated to uptempo beat business. A lovely combination of an uncompromising no-nonsense attitude from a sonic perspective and a lot of tongue-in-cheek nonsense samplewise which I assume will cause major havoc at forthcoming Bangface events for many various reasons.

06. Mona Mur - Delinquent [Cheezy Crust Records 007]
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