Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Parts not exactly in the post

Receiving promos and pre-release copies is great and one of the very appreciated benefits of being a DJ, press and networking person. Even more if you get records not only from the big promo pools but from small underground labels & artists which are often short of money and do not send out stuff into the blue.

One of these labels is the Hamburg-based imprint Sunday Service which is exploring the field of Leftfield Independent Pop, Postrock elements, Indietronica and some more dancefloor-wise remix works. Scheduled for august is the second coming of finn. entitled "The Eyes Will Have It". Seems like Patrick Zimmer - finn.'s real name - has been in a very warm and melancholic mood while writing this album. Eleven songs, carefully arranged, that might be a nice soundtrack for upcoming long autumn evenings and a glass of red wine. But before autumn falls again another Sunday Service record is to be released in july, Jullander's "Reworks & Continuations" 12" featuring five remixes of their 2003 album "Interior" by Lawrence, Thomas Leboeg of Iso 68 and Kante-fame, Jörg Theurer, The Montana Files and Julies Etienne. Thomas Leboeg wins on the dancefloor, revealing a deep & sparkling MinimalDisco-tune with nice vocoder effects - good for 5 a.m. crowds in tiny red hot clubs with brothel-like kitsch-interieur and this special hormone-driven athmosphere we all know from our nightlife experience. Also check out Jörg Theurer's remix of "Apres Danse" as a nice piece to baffle a raving mad MinimalTechno audience as it uses german vocal snippets and quite tricky breaks.

Aaron Spectre's label Moonbunny has put out it's first release a few weeks ago - "Aarktica/Aaron Spectre - Ocean E.P.". Very deep and athmospheric stuff that sometimes reminds me of early Boards Of Canada mixed up with a few pieces of Postrock and - this only for Aaron's remix of "Ocean" - a bit of Autechre.

Another new label coming from Hamburg/Germany is Boys Noize, run by newbreed ElectroHouse-superstar Kid Alex - once responsible for teh Uber-hit "Young love (Topless)". One of five test pressings in my hands now I must admit that there's really cool stuff on that record that will stick in my case for quite a long time. "Optic" reveals heavy broken beats with mad acid lines on top while "He-man" on the flip is a massive bleepy MinimalTechno-stomper able to drive people crazy. Forget about Alter Ego's "Rocker" or Roman Flügel's "Geht's Noch?", this one works as well with a massive breakdown and features a more subtle hook which is fine with me. Top score.

And another date in Berlin which is not be missed...

Fr. 27.05.: MAXIMUM DYNAMIX presents :
" DRUM & BASS meets FRENCH - TEK "

CORA S. - mental-ind./possible music
MOONRAKER - thee original !!! /Bass
TRICKY D - Tricky Tunes

supported by Public Noise
Supamolly, Jussnerstr 41, S+U Frankfurter Allee, F´fain
Einlass/Beginn ca. 23.00/23.30 Uhr


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