Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 3

Yeah, 'tings are gwan. Seems like german distributors are picking up more and more releases - throughout the last we saw releases by Slew Dem Productions, Roll Deep, Roadside, Young Gunz, Kano, Lethal B, Emalkay and others arrive @ Otaku Records plus presales on distributors lists.

Another great thing to mention was the reaction of some HipHop headz to my Grime-/Dubstep-selection at Komet on Friday after the live performances of Cut'n'Lupuz and C-Flow - those guys told me that they'd never known that there are Grime 12"es available in Germany and that they're downloading like 30sec. preview snippets off Juno and Chemical just to have some Grime/Dubstep to listen to at home. Never seen dem people before but its good to have at least some headz out there that don't come from an electronic music background.

C-Flow - totally amazing project consisting of six girls aged 15 to 19, four of them rapping & singing in German language plus two on keyboards and effect section. Incredible voices, tight beats. I'm listening to their album "Brandstrasse", which was recorded about two years ago - makes the youngest member of the kru aged 13 back then - like minimum five times a day without getting bored and I think it's the best music with a bit of mainstream appeal that I came across in ages. I mean, their last song on friday was a cover of Destiny's Child's "Survivor" which made me almost cry, for chrissake - it really touched my heart. Gosh, I never ever thought that a "girly band" would ever get me by the balls like they do. I'm hooked and I'm really looking forward towards our forthcoming gigs in Mühlhausen and Lobenstein in about two weeks.

But back to the Grime. Or Grime Not Grime as it's with the new single of BC 400 on Buttercuts which come from a multi- or at least bilingual HipHop background. A-Side track "Changes" on their so-called "Payback Single" is quite thrilling HipHop with loads of soul. B-Side "We Got The Flow" is more agressive, rides on a cool Grime-/Eski-influenced riddim and you can find influences of Grime-orientated MC'ing also in BC 400's rap styles as they're on a different flex than most of the HipHop MC's are.

Another whitelabel I picked up during the last weeks is Roadside's "Roadside G's". Got no clue 'bout the label it's on, but the matrix reveals KI001 as catalogue number. This one is truly anthemic, especially the main title - vocal & version found 'ere - has a good potential to break through on mainstream HipHop-/R'n'B-/ Crunk-dancefloors as the MC's are spitting fast but clear plus you never ever will forget the pathetic string arrangement after your first listening experience. On the flip there are two other Halfstep riddims to be found - B1 seems to be a remix of the main title while B2 plays around with a main hook that seems to be taken off a scottish blowpipe section and transformed into a fucking ringtone. Funny and original as well - perfectly matches with Ruff Sqwad's "Pied Piper RMX"...

If you're into the dark, psycho side of Grime check out Emalkay's "Grimecore Vol. 1" on Morphic Sounds 002. As the name suggests this quite heavy, A-side dealing with serious, dry Halfstep business. If you're hammering out Mark One's "Devil Man" or "Plodder" on a regular basis check this one, too. Flipside is more lively with two tracks well fitting into a selection ranging from Vex'd latest "Degenerate", Search & Destroy's first output on Storming Productions and Subphonic's classic album "Vega Beach Party" on TCR. Two of these already sitting somewhere on your shelves? Then it's time to check out "Grimecore Vol. 1" for sure.


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