Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 10

Poker Flat Recordings, which has always been a reliable imprint for quality minimalism with high standards set and delivered from day one, have signed a new face to their stable. Christopher T Lee, spinning under the DJCTLee moniker in California's Santa Cruz-area, debuts with his first ever release on this highly profiled label on forthcoming catalogue number PFR062. Not as jacking and Chicago'esque as Poker Flat used to be in the last months Christopher T Lee glimpses at the deeper sides of dancefloor functionality introducing his production-alias Limacon here. I'd refer to both tracks - "Catch" and "Joni" - as subtle tools for either warming up a nice, tiny venue or slowing things down in the early morning again as both of them tunes spread deep, funky, organic moods. Could also have been released on Dessous Recordings but as there's never been a strict borderline between Steve Bug's imprints it makes sense anyway and is - maybe once again - another sign of the change of directions that seems to be going on. On the flip we have Peter M Kersten a.k.a. Lawrence reworking "Catch" under his Sten-moniker, fusing deep foggy melancholy and uptempo technoid minimalistic dancefloor approach. This one needs - as most of Kerstens tracks and reworks do - a special vibe within the crowd to work out and is not an easy to play one at all. Those who followed his music for a while will know what I'm talking about.

On upcoming PFR 063 we have Guido Schneider teaming up with Berlin's Sammy Dee, 50% of Pantytec on Perlon. Together they provide their vison of what might be called MicroTechno in the future - "Styleways" being a long ever evolving journey with a dangerous, futuristic, tension-driven athmosphere, while "Mistaken Identity" is on percussive, funky tip and explores humour in minimalism as well as there are several sparkling sounds popping out of nowhere, putting a big grin on my face. Will work well alongside releases of Richie Hawtin a.k.a. Plastikman.

Mark O'Sullivan and John Dahlbäck, younger cousin of Jesper Dahlbäck, introduce their cooperation project Mark & John on the latest Audiomatique 12". After a furious kickoff with "The ChiChi Squad ft. Kaori - Treat Me Right" the new release holding number 007 in the labels catalogue is the second I'm really into - three dark athmospheric, slightly acid-orientated tracks: title track "The Most Dangerous Animal In The Zoo" is a massive banger, while each "Trap 2" and "Last Chance To See" are more subtle and hypnotic, pumping through a large black tunnel filled with flickering strobe lights and sex hormones, using unusual melodies, handclaps, trippy voice samples and cowbells and at least getting you by the balls either if you want to dance or not. Especially "Trap 2" is going to be an underground club anthem soon and will be hammered out by upfront minimal jocks...


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