Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dubstep special

Once again thanks to Gutterbreakz for providing another great link - this time's a great interview on Soulchampion website featuring El Sid, Kode 9 and US-based dubstep DJ Joe Nice. Glad to hear that things start to happen worldwide referring to DJ-sets allover the world and I totally agree on Joe Nice that this sound is taking over. Might not happen now and in 2005 but one can yet recognize several influences on other styles of music. Also good to hear that they refer to the likes of El-B and Horsepower as roots of this movement - that's exactly the stuff which got me moving out of UKGarage exploring other - back then mostly unwanted in UKG-events in Hamburg - musical fields. "Nude vs. El-B - Reality", which has been the first ever release on Shelf Life is still sitting in my case whenever I play that stuff out...


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