Saturday, October 07, 2006

Longplay love 32.0

Slow, melodic, seismic, dark - these few words are fairly enough to describe the new album "In The Absence Of Truth" of Isis, which is piped for November 3rd on Mike Patton's very own Ipecac Recordings. Filed under the flag of PostMetal all of the nine songs are that intense as the excellent artwork proclaims, which kinda reminds me of an abstract, medieval xylograph - a journey into rarely explored dephts of the human soul, an abyss where grief, sorrow and melancholia melt into something new, where overwhelming and still dangerous emotions are nearby and one is likely to lose oneself in a maze of darkest thoughts.

Greek Metal-band Crystal Tears are about to release their first official album named "Choirs Of Immortal" on the new born label Pure Steel Records which fails to convince soundwise as the whole album seems to run on midrange frequencies only and even the drumkit sounds thin and tinny. Although Natasa Pandreia's voice is brute, rough, fueled and ideal for like Heavy Metal sound this doesn't help a lot as the complete backing is nothing but crap.

Upcoming on Revelation Records is "Facetious Folly Feat", the new album of Punk/Alternative outfit Shook Ones. Although the album does not add anything new to the scene musicwise, it's still proper down-to-earth stuff which is about to rock appropriate dancefloors and crowds with its higly energetic attitude. Feels like they seem to be good live performers, too, so check 'em out on tour after purchasing their fresh longplayer.


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