Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 13

Skull Disco 004 entitled “Soundbwoy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 1” arrived in german stores after the labels 005 which was mentioned here before but is still massive and once again proves the huge creative potential lying in MythStep & RitualGrime. Shackleton’s “Tin Fold Sky” is the most minimalistic MythStep-tune around these exploring the dangerous depths of ancient rituals with nothing more than a loose, hypnotic, stripped down beat, some spooky surface sounds and decent background bassline. Pure Voodoo power. On the flipside we’ve Gatekeeper, the first addition to Skull Disco's artist roster since its first release, coming up with serious bassheavy Dubstep, providing sharp metallic beats on half tempo plus ultra-digital echoes / delay effects on vox snippets that add extra darkness to his tune named “Tomb”. Must have.

Geeneus‘ recent 12” has been released as 009 of Soulja and comes up with three high quality riddims of heavyweight Electro- and Industrial-influenced Grime – “Darkboy”, “Parasite” and “Bad”. Exploring the darkest side of Grime it’s especially “Parasite” which sticks out the most due to it’s massive sampled and timestretched Rave-signal taken out of an early 90‘s Gabba/Hardcore-classic – file under: anthem. Also watch out for “Bad” on B2 which reminds stylewise of earlier Plasticman/Plastician-releases on the Road-imprint.

File under: Grime made in Germany. Hamburg-based producer Phokus comes up with his first release on MG 77 Recordings vocally backed up by Tinchy Strider & Dirty Danger. Both of them are featured on “Dem All Shot” which has been killing dancefloors from Hamburg to London on dubplate with its characteristic lo-fi hook and rolling beats that reveal a kind of jumpy attitude – been playing that instrumental version out on dub for quite a while now and it proved to be ultra-functional every time. On the flip there’s the Urban Angst-driven tune “Danger” featuring Dirty Danger serving quite humorous word trickery on top of darkest halftime beats and growling sci-fi beats – grimey as Grime can be and due to this a recommended sureshot


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