Friday, September 01, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 42

Berlin-based label No!Breaks Records are about to seriously tear up Drum’n’Bass-dancefloors with their 002, which has been released last week. The A-side sees a “Giant Warrior” built by Scary and Bad Matter redefining was once was known as TechStep - straight metallic beats, nervous strobe bassline and a bit of rave’ish attitude. “Mayday” on the flip sees Scary on a solo tip, exploring TechStep fields as well but putting a few epic, big room strings and a serious Rave hookline on top. Defo ask yr local dealer to hunt this one down for you.

Superstar JC is responsible for 022 of Pharmacom Records,which is entitled "The Soul Lounge". Musicwise there's four tracks of deep, jazzy TripHop/ Downbeat / Instrumental HipHop to expect which focuses on a style defining the heydays of the genre. Cool laidback drum programming and a lot of organic vibes around - very relaxing & enjoyable.

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin' " is the first single taken off Scissor Sisters' upcoming album "Ta -Dah". The track is on promo circuit now as a 6track CDM featuring remixes by the likes of Paper Faces, Linus Loves, Errol Alkan and others, all of them on a positive tip on the border of (Electro-)House and Pop, which is about to work well in more like commercial venues. Not essential.


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