Sunday, October 08, 2006

Longplay love 33.0

Quelle darkness - quelle tension. Talking 'bout "Altar", the first ever collaboration album of well-known and appreciated Drone / Exerimental groups sunn O))) & Boris, which is scheduled on Southern Lord for october 20th. Six tracks spread over approx. 54 minutes of running time are to be found here, all of slow grinding intensity, drone-filled, epic and - at least at some points - soundscapish and ritual or even, talking "Fried Eagle Mind" here, apocalyptic Post-Folk. Defo one of the the best and most ambitious albums to be released this autumn, a dark lunatic trip through the whorls of a comatose mind. Not recommended to those suffering from depressions of the mind due to the risk of becoming suicidal. Keep away from children as well to prevent nightmares.

Forthcoming on Ferret Music is "Midwest Pandemic", the new album of the Dayton/Ohio-based Metal-/Hardcore-outfit Twelve Tribes, which provide their second longplayer released on Ferret. Eleven tracks of raw, powerful but still melodic Metal/Hardcore for true lovers of the genre, stage tested and proved while touring alongside bands like Killswitch Engine, Soulfly, Machine Head and others in the US as well as Europe, where the band will be playing a massive tour throughout the next two - sic !!! - years. Find upcoming dates on their space @ myspace...

November 3rd sees the release of 002 on Puresteel Records, which is Fatal Embrace's new album named "Dark Pounding Steel" - a ten track orgy of on-point, straight-in-yer-face Speed-/Trash-/Deathmetal which does far better than the labels 001 has done. Known as one of the most extreme live bands in this musical sector Fatal Embrace serve nothing less than a brutal, hammering tour de force of supersonic speed guitar wizzardry which will be loved by true followers but by each and every Metal-head around. Massive.


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