Thursday, October 19, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 44

Sono’s massive single “Keep Control”, originally released in 2000 and said to be one of the most successful dancetracks in that specific year, has been relicked for 2006 and is to be out on PIAS quite soon as a teaser for the forthcoming double album “Sono RMXD”. The A-side sees a great rework of the artists themselves which keeps close to the original vibe but transfers the track into slightly more ElectroHouse’ish areas, whilst Tocadisco comes up with a kind of like jackin‘ vibe using dry bassdrums and even cowbells, which are rarely heard these days, in his intro and combines these elements with decent string arrangements and a small uplifting melody. On the flipside there’s two remixes – one Vocal plus one Instrumental mix – of “Blame” by the well-known and well-appreciated team of Bodzin / Huntemann which provide ruff, bassline-driven Stadium ElectroHouse from the dark side – 100% primetime use only, coze otherwise the tracks is about to blow people off the dancefloor.

Current Value’s new 12” “The Edge Of The Cliff / Dark Rain” is 008 of Drum’n’Bass-imprint Intransigent Recordings and out now. Not that outstanding from his other releases these days Mr. Tim Eliot takes care of what might be called Hardcore Choppage or sth. like that with precision and stone cold attitude. Made to destroy dancefloors both tunes are heavyweights for sure but still, even after a few times of listening them on a good system, they – like more than a few other tracks these days - seem to be hard just for the reason of being hard without displaying sth. special and characteristic, a specific sound or break that’s to be remembered even years after the first release. Tools.

Sascha Müller's "Bunker E.P." is to be released on Secret Weapon Records very soon and as the name suggest's it seems to be straightforward banging Techno for war and other primetime incidents - a true technoid force that takes dancefloors by storm, meant to be played out by real DJ's in front of bunker-hard crowds. Forget minimalism - this is brutal.


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