Thursday, November 16, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 46

Mark Ankh's four tracker "Flying Away" is 016 of Super Six Goodies serving proppa Techno-Rave-stompers with a good lot of prime time qualities. Looking back in Techno history they would've been perfect tools for a Steve Mason-set around - let's say - the time of 94 - 96 which defo does not mean that they're date like stylewise. That stuff, and we're talking hypnotic straightforward Techno here, has never been away and in its quite timeless quality will still work in the next decade as well.

The Rapture's new track "W.A.Y.U.H. (People Don't Dance No More)" on Mercury Records is now out on the DJ-circuit as one track CD promo and will see full release in the nearest future. Once again the band's on a NYC-(No)Wave-, PostPunk-, ElectroWhatever-tip accompanied by catchy and partly sing-a-long vocals and about to work electronic dancefloors as well as Indie-flavored discotheques. Quality.

"I Don't Remember" is the first single taken off Northern Lite's new album "Unisex" and to be put on promo circuit these days. Expect a proper more like ElectroPop-song to come taht sounds a bit lo-fi but is nothing but charming. Adam Sky on remix-duties adds some cheesy, uplifting piano-stabs that seem familar from the heydays of Acid-/ItaloHouse and brings in some real rave kraze through this move while the JAB Remix is to be filed under stomping StadiumTechno, a style that seems a bit dated in two-zero-zero-six but is functional as fuck and will set primetime crowds of E'd-up ravers on fire. Finally there's the track "What You Want" which is more on a Guitar vs. Electro vs. Indie-tip, featuring a funky bassline in the very beginning that is not too far away from a track of the german band Fehlfarben and finally transforming into a monster of a song - yes, talking real songs here - that you'd never expected from the first notes anyway. Gonna be a hit for sure.

Responsible for 017 of Super Six Goodies are Kondencuotas Pienas & SEL with their collaboration release "Myke Mante". The two of them together serve two tracks here, both on a well positive and slightly NeoTrance-influenced TechHouse-tip which is not exactly peak time sound for huge clubs but well-functional in smaller venues with a more intimate feel.


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