Friday, November 10, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 14

The new imprint Earwax comes up with its very first release by S.N.O., which is the double-A-sided 12” “Disturbance / Back Yard Dub”. Both tunes are on the edge between classical Dub with offbeat-stabs and Dubstep on halfstep tempo. Recommended for warm-ups or propa home listening as those tunes are not made for primetime use, but musically top notch.

Mala of Digital Mystikz goes solo with his 12” “Left Leg Out / Blue Notez” on DMZ, which is the labels‘ first two-digit release – 010. “Left Leg Out” strictly hits the dancefloor massive with a dry oldskooly Techno-tone signal which adds a kind of hypnotic 4/4 feel to the ever-building track that is never based upon a straightforward 4x4 bassdrum although it perfectly matches with what once was called SpeedGarage-beats. Massive and probably the beginning of a new, interesting sub-style of Dubstep. “Blue Notez” on the flip is on a halfbeat tip instead and build around a cool, Jazz-like trumpet sample expressing urban loneliness and melancholia – one for the small hours, I guess.

American-imprint Offshore Recordings is known to and well appreciated by many for its excellent releases in the sector of more twisted, advanced and upfront Drum’n’Bass but will leave a footmark in Industrial-influenced Sci-Fi-Grime with the forthcoming 018. Sileni’s “Twisted Droid Leg Remixes Part 2” is a sure shot, a killer statement and defo a must have and there’s no discussion on that. The A-side comes up with a Martsman remix of the original tune, serving a new style that is to be called Morph’n’Bass or whatever – consisting of nothing more than ultra-warped, ever morphing beat structures and beat splicing FX we know from the likes of AFX, Funkstorung or Squarepusher, some weirdo, electroid sounds and not even, thinking clubwise this is, a proper bassline it’s still functional as fuck and surely meant to destroy dancefloors. Rrrrrewind, please ! On the flipside we’ve genius Vex’d on remix duties transphorming the “Twitchy Droid Legs” into a bassheavy halfstep monster for all real grimeists out there. Like an enormous slow-moving killer machine this tune simply deletes all organic lifeforms crossings its paths – precise, stone cold and no-one is to question that. If you’re looking for a perfect soundtrack for post-nuclear war scenarios on heroine without further supply there’s no need for further research: Darkness Has Come Upon You. Rate it eleven points out of ten.


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