Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parts in the post. pt. 45

Istvan Raki a.k.a. Inzan Mood is musically responsible for cat.no. 023 of german label Pharmacom Records, a two track E.P. of dreamy & balearic Electronica which should fit with all of you lovers of chilled and relaxed sounds. Absolutely no uneasyness to be felt here, just 100% pure harmony.

Steve Reich, one of the most influential experimental & avantgarde minimalist musicians alive, is celebrating his 70th birthday these days, an incident due to which his label Nonesuch comes up with a new 12” containing three remixes of Reich-tracks by contemporary electronic artists. Alex Smoke transfers “Proverb” into a deep, hypnotic tune of ten minutes length for advanced dancefloors fully dedicated to Intelligent Techno grooves while Four Tet’s rework of “Drumming” is slowly pounding and , although on an abstract level, not too far away from what is called NeoTrance these days – minus string arrangements. Finally Ruoho Ruotsi takes care of “Music For 18 Musicians” and delivers a fragile, clearly structured and ever building work of art that is clearly to be filed under the flag of DubTechno and, played by experienced DJ’s, able to add exactly that bit of extra thrill to a good night out that sets dancefloors on fire.

Sascha Müller comes up with his "Alienated E.P." on Butterfly Effect Records which contains three tool'ish, ultra-functional Techno tunes for primetime abuse - all of them influenced by a definition of Detroit in a sense of what Mr. Jeff Mills defined over the last decade. Especially "Republic" with its floating, kinda nebulous string arrangements is driven by a special kind of Motor City melancholia which is rarely found in european releases anyway.


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