Friday, November 17, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 47

Tadox’s very own imprint Protect Records comes up with its release number 00two – Cannon Project’s “Panorama E.P.”, which has to be filed as a sure shot for all lovers of the so-called HardTechno-sound. “Panorama”, “M.O.T.O.” and “Reality Demonstration” are based on driving, straightforward beats running on a quite mid-tempo – playable to a normal Techno-audience that is - accompanied by dark but still melodic basslines that add a bit of doomy athmosphere to the tool’ish sound. Tadox’s rework of “Panorama” on A2 is a bit more hectic speedwise and all sounds seem to be in a hurry somehow, so this one is recommended for 100% HardTechno floors only.

Manfred Reckers a.k.a eVADE seems to be more productive than ever as he comes up with another release on Super Six Goodies entitled "Live @ The Hölting Hill Meppen 2006", the labels' 018. Apart from a DVD-video part the release features two live recorded tracks of nice Electronica heritage, both a bit oldskool'ish in a typical eVADE-style but cool for true lovers of the genre.

A true HardTechno stampede is Sascha Müller's "No Drugs" E.P. which has been released on Northbeatz Digital recently. Expect four banging stormers here, each of them functional as fuck and featuring elements of gnarling, highly aggressive Acid without the use of typical 303-sounds. Pure psycho music.


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