Sunday, December 24, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 15

“Make Way For The S-O-V...” . Lady Sovereign’s massive “Love Me Or Hate Me” has been put out on promo circuit via Cajual / Def Jam / Universal lately and is about to kill every dancefloor no matter if it’s gonna be HipHop- or Grime-related. Flipside holds a remix featuring Missy Elliott but it’s still the original tune that works best. Check.

Hamburg’s very own Grime Not Grime-specialists The Boy Group recently released their “Nike Monkey E.P.” on the Doxa–imprint, which includes the massive, sing-along title track “Nike Monkey” plus the anthemic “Mathematically” from their first ever 7” on the A-side, both alone reason enough to grab this one, but we’ve a flipside, too, on which Egoexpress transform “Love Is A Frequency” taken off the bands debut album into a more Minimal Techno-based tune that is pure and functional. Furthermore the so-called 635-csi Mix of “Mathematically” turns out to be a shuffled version that is based on very raw, nearly unprocessed sounds which seem to be recorded semi-acoustic while “Memories Of A Jukeboxer” – another one relying on the magic 4/4 bassdrum – presents an incredible kind of what u might call anti-funk for connaisseurs. Nice one.

Mordant Music have seen the release of their 014 recently – a split-10” between Skull Disco’s Ritual Grime- /MythStep-pioneer Shackleton and an artist of the same as the imprint Mordant Music‘s name. While Shackleton gives another example of why his fusion of lose voodoo percussions, unbelievably deep basswaves and mystic samples coined an own subgenre of Dubstep that fast which is still miles and miles away of being copied as it is so unique and far out, Mordant Music steps paths that might be might be more familiar to followers of Electronica and Rhythm Industrial as his dry beat structures and sweet soft melodies come close what Cranioclast’s limited to 500 pieces only 10” named “Carl’s On Acit” on Auf Abwegen delivered back in the days to open minded lovers of freeform dance music in 2003.


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