Sunday, December 17, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 49

Forthcoming and scheduled for January is a split-relase of Drumcell and Acid Circus on Droid Records named "System Error" which is recommended to all lovers of pumpin' Acid and more experimental, bleepy minimalism. Basicly not far away from the aesthetics of artists like the early Cristian Vogel or Rotorik this is high quality specialists music that - as a tool - won't fit kindly into the set of any average DJ but is a secret weapon in the hand of experienced jocks playing out in front of musically advanced audiences.

Verve Forecast put the new 12” of Brazilian Girls on promo circuit recently, which is named “Jique”. While the Original LP track and Extended Mix are on a weirdo “Jazz-flavored vox meets dark bassheavy 4/4”-tip that is basicly accessible for a – err... – eclectic audience it is the rework of the new wunderkind named MSTRKRFT, that transforms the whole tune into a bouncy ElektoHouse tune that is functional as f*ck and a tool’ish sureshot for primetime sets. But: if you don’t like cowbells, leave this out.

Detroit Underground are about to release their 007 in the very beginning of 2007, which is Phon.o & Litwinenko’s “Big Beaver Road E.P.”, a must have for all those appreciating an advanced mixture of GhettoBass/Booty-influences, lo-fi Electro beats on a HipHop-tempo plus a whole lot of beat splicing-science like Funkstörung provided on their massive “Multiple Grammy Winners” back in the days. Not made for the average dancefloor, but a secret weapon for all those DJ’s out there willing to take a bit of risk to surprise their audience.

Berlin-based Drum’n’Bass-imprint .shadybrain has been quite active on the mp3-circuit since its birth in 2004 and now starts to keep the vinyl buyers busy as well. Their first 12” is to come in early 2007 as a split-concept in which two of their artists – Catacomb and Misanthrop – are remixing each others tunes in exchange. Side A holds Catacomb’s “Buried Alive” reworked by Misanthrop which starts out as a deep athmospheric with a dark, more sci-fi attitude. Beats never fail to be funky, the whole tune isn’t that drop-focused as the most tunes around but works as a slowly building tool instead with a decent stab added in the second half of the track and at least this proves that both – producer and remixer – have learnt their lessons well from the originators of techy Drum’n’Bass and their blueprint album “Wormhole”. On the flipside there’s Catacomb on remix duties for Misanthrop’s “Strange Planet” which is about to please all followers of the so-called Neurofunk with its dark threatening, ever moving bassline and – in contrast – epic and innocent intro.


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