Friday, December 22, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 50

Mannheim’s defenders of purest Techno Drum’n’Bass, Tilt Recordings , are about to punish dancefloors again with their 005 which is set straight for January 2007. A-side holds Pyro & Jesta’s “Vision” in its repolished 2006 version, a track that originally hails from 2003, was piped on several labels before but for whatever reason never made to vinyl – until now. A dark, massive technoid tune that does nothing except pushing dancefloors to the max due to its straightforward tool’ish attitude and decent psycho stabs after the great halftempo breakdown. On the flipside we’ve got Budoka’s “The Happening” paying tribute to the days when technoid Drum’n’Bass was still new, fresh and not so focused on its own niche as it is today. Thrilling sounds that might have been laid down in the post Virus-era when No U-Turn still was in its early 30‘s and producers like Raiden or Silent Witness started pushing tunes on Barcode or DN Audio – from a personal point of view this was my preferred era of what is now flagged Neurofunk and due to this I’d rate Budoka’s tune as winner out of this two.

Utrecht’s Tribe Tekno posse of Dankan, Scratchaker, Cyclo and Irie Monkey comes up with a new release – 004 - on Harkom Records , that keeps the kind of anarchic spirit of free party music alive. Three of the tracks are based on banging beats on approx. 145 bpm and beyond that, fusing Tribe Tekno, UK- Acid Techno, slow pounding Hardcore and some Broken Techno / Breaktek as well as Psy-influences plus weirdo sounds and kinda funny samples that always provide a sense of positivity and joy, no matter how hard the beats are banging to your head. Especially this fact makes the whole genre of Tribe Tekno interesting for open minded DJ’s so keep your eyes open on this 12” as it might be a bit hard to get if your local dealer does not stock a bit of leftfield import stuff. And btw – don’t take Irie Monkey’s tune “City Toppers” on B2 for too serious as this is a good example of how all those Tribe producers still have a nice sense of humour.

All lovers of Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings listen up as the master himself is about to provide his new 12” “Wet’n’Dry” in mid-January. The imprints 080, which is on promo circuit now, features two tunes named – as one might guess – “Wet” and “Dry” that both do refer to the hypnotizing power of long and ever building tunes. While “Wet” seems to be a fusion of chicago’esque beats when it comes to the jackin‘ factor plus dark and raw beauty of Detroit-induced melancholia perfectly fitting in late nite sets , the flipside “Dry” will be the cause of a serious brockout on the dancefloor as the whole tune is based on a few raw authentic sounds which in conjunction are the blueprint for today’s generation of Minimal Acid that is not necessarily based on 303 wildpitch madness. Sounds great on a club PA and has to be stored as future classic.


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