Friday, December 08, 2006

Longplay love 39.0

Holy gosh - is there any reason why some citizen's of an up north country named Finland became so so fuckin' sick? Horna are back with their new album "Ääniä Yössä" on Debemur Mortis Productions and - although the title seems to be funny one to us foreigners - it is the darkest, most evil Black Metal-shit I've ever come across. Four tracks of which the last one runs for 21+ a bit minutes that simply deny the existence of any postivism in this world, there is only darkness out there, not even a colour like grey exists. Should be handed out by doctors as medicine for teenage borderline girlies - they would stop pretending to commit suicide within seconds but really do it instead.

Dom Dracul's album "Attack On The Crucified" has been released on Blasphemous Underground recently, an abum which will be appreciated by the followers of Satanic Black Metal as well as classic, more rocking Metal fans as long as they can deal with satanism anyway. Titles like "666 Drops Of Blood", "Under Black Skies" or "This Is The End" truly speak for themselves and so everyone might guess what kind of sound to expect here: dark, doomy and evil on the one, dark, evil and furious on the other hand. But one question is still unanswered. Why does a guy from Gothenburg / Sweden worship satan when there's so many beautiful blonde women in town?

Quelle Kitsch. Pharmacom Records put out its 026 recently which is the album "Brain Tonic" by Peter Hadderley a.k.a. Tofustaggerbush that comes very close to an Easy Listening/ World Music / New Age-edge that was not to be found on the labels former releases before. Hyperharmonic, relaxing strings plus piano plus a lot well-known New Age ingredients make this a good one for lovers of this specific genre but for those not addicted to mental wellness it might be a bit too cheesy at all. Inspired by x-mas?


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