Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 51

Is Trance back? Or at least to come back? This question has been discussed on several forums spread over the whole internet thousands of times before and it seems like no-one denies a revival which is to come for sure, but what Holy Ghost deliver with their new / old untitled release on the new label Flying Circus – 001 - is a massive hint that we’re at least not too far away from that. One track delivered on the one-sided half of this 2x12” here which must be an old original tune from the early 90‘s featuring deep, hypnotic sounds and most important a dreamy, beautiful piano line of pure innocence – as classical as this has been a blueprint for a whole genre back in the days. This is what Trance is like or at least was meant to be – timeless, melodic and still hypnotic dance music, drifting away through barriers of space and time. Disc 2 offers two remixes of unnamed origin transferring these vibes to a more recent context. While the “Label Side” serves a deep grooving flow accompanied by sparkling sounds and decent, ever building string arrangements plus a sweet chicago’esque bassline which is pure sex, the flipside is on a minimalistic tip reflecting a contemporary agreement on the state of how Minimal House / Techno sounds today that is proved right by labels like Audiomatique or similar, which kind of do refer to specific “Jack” elements of the past as well as deep, detroit’ish influences of today. This release surely is a nice example of how thrilling club music still is after all these years and how easily some tunes stand the test of time. Will be heard on dancefloors for ages.

What a storming release! Austria-based imprint Hirntrust Grind Media comes up with a new, onesided 7” , once again limited to less than 250 copies. Responsible for the sonic art, this unbelievable eruption of violence named “Mushimamire” is the japenese artist Maruosa, melting genres like Digital Hardcore, Noize, Breakcore as well as Grind-/Crustcore into three short but ultra-intense tunes that do redefine brutality in early 2007 like no other tracks around. Pure information overdose – imagine Atari Teenage Riot layered on top of Lolita Storm played on on 78 RPM. Sickness.

Alexey Filin a.k.a. DP-6 is responsible for 020 of Super 6 Goodies named "Tech Support E.P.", which serves at least four excellent Club Techno tunes of timeless quality that are about to work every dancefloor right, no matter if played as prime time bangers or decent late night work outs. All ravers of the old skool will defo love this stuff as this is quite similar to what BFBS-hero and alltime legend Steve Mason used to spread airwise back in '94 / '95. Check!


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