Thursday, March 22, 2007

Longplay love 47.0

Exile On Mainstream are about to relase the official debut album of a two piece band named Dyse on march 23rd. The album of the same title as the band's name contains a whole of eight tracks, which are musically stuck somewhere between Alternative, solid Rock and angry but still witty SkatePunk attitude similar to what bands like Mucky Pub delivered somewhen in the 90s to their audience, providing a well-balanced mixture of ass kicking, funky basslines, thrilling shouts and some stop-and-go wizzardy for musical eggheads and intellectuals, which are quite used to structures not being consistent with what the mainstream expects from a song. Although this is not meant to be the biggest hit of the year albumwise for Exile On Mainstream it might work quite well for all those out there being up for some rather special and interesting music, so don't miss to check it out.

One album yet to be filed as essential for April 2007 is Neongrau's upcoming release "Spam N Space" on Das Drehmoment, at least for all those appreciating a perfect fusion of SynthPop-influenced, old-styled Minimal Wave and contemporary Electro sounds. Having teared up dancefloors with their first release on LoFi Stereo, which included a massive Patrick Pulsinger Remix of their anthemic "Hi Level Slacker" - featured as original version and updated v.109 on "Spam N Space" as well - their longplay debut is set to follow the same paths and to gain similar success as it'll match with the musical taste of those following the SynthWave movement since the early days of Fad Gadget, The Normal and their company as well as those being too young to have seen the cold, glamourous, cocaine-induced scene back then but being attracted and introduced by it through newer musical outfits. When will songs like "Taste In Taste" enter the realm of mainstream radio rotation ? Hope it won't take too long as quality music like has to be introduced to the youth of today - soon! Rated 11 points out of 10 and one of the top albums in 2007 to date. Not convinced yet ? Check them out on myspace...

Super Six Goodies have reached their 25th release now, which is the provided by a project named Bloodmakesnoise. Exploring the darker side of electronic music with their album "Off Substance", especially Wonky Experimental Techno clearly influenced by Broken Rhythm Electronics as well as dark Acid-driven PsyTek, the bunch of three come up with an interesting and intense journey through their sound universe that might be even more fascinating delivered live on stage as some tracks seem to be only short excerpts of a longer jam-like session.


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