Friday, March 23, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 56

Cat.No. 028 of Pharmacom Records is Sascha Müller's "Last Train To Radio Ga Ga", a one track piece that is defo not longplay format but what once was called E.P. / Extended Play as the whole tune runs for 26+ a bit minutes. Musicwise to be filed under the flag of Experimental Ambient the kinda soundtrack'ish composition consists of a basic surface noise structure, deep organic pulses, echoing bleeps and voice snippets, which somehow remind me of classic Single Cell Orchestra-releases, and can be regarded as a remiscence to a time, when Ambient Electronics was new and fresh as a genre and seen as a totally relevant part of what once was Techno - see this term as a synonym for the whole spectrum of Electronic Dance Music here. Although these days seem to be gone to date, as Electronica sales are on a low level and there seem to be only a few Techno-youths interested in non-dancefloor, there's is still a scene / place for that and those who remember labels as Pete Namlook's FAX or similar should not miss this one for real.

Bound Zound’s - a.k.a. Demba, which is one of the three main members of the infamous german Ragga-outfit Seeed – new single "Louder" has been put on promo circuit recently via Island / Universal Domestic and is about to set Minimal- and Housefloors on fire as it features remixes by at least two of the hippest producers of today: Martin Buttrich as well as Henrik Schwarz. Both as hype as hype can be they deliver what the dancefloors is longing for – stripped down, but still groovy, fitting for the early hours as well as for primetime abuse or latenite workouts, very on point an defo not featuring any unnecessary “schnickschnack” as u name it in german language. Good tools, so check em tunes out.

Makina Girgir's "The Spell" is set for release on april 20th as 008 of Das Drehmoment Records , a nice 5 track piece of cold Synth- meets ElectroPop of the new style. Fittting for Wave-/Indie-/ElectroPop-venues as well as for real clubs and dancefloors the french outfit Makina Girgir is about to hit a wide audience with their mixture of hyper-clean beats and ethereal strings / sound arrangements plus tiny little melodies appearing here and there. Ask yr local dealer to hunt this one down for u.


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