Friday, April 06, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 57

Tilt Recordings, Mannheim's if not Germany's Techno Drum'n'Bass-imprint No. 1, have put their 6th release on promo circuit recently. A-side features the track "Steam" by Amex & Kaiza, based upon sampled steam sounds of an oldskool train running and nervous beats similar to what was popular beatwise around 2000/1 on several San Francisco-based labels like Phunckateck or or Phylum. Biggest surprise contained in this tool'ish tune is the 2nd breakdown which is not another drop but features some german, Schlager-like lyrics (sung by the producers?). On the flip we've got Budoka's "Pleasure Ride, a deep technoid roller paying respect to the good old days when technoid Drum'n'Bass was not necessarily filed as Neurofunk. Features the well-known - at least known to those being into early 90's Hardcore / Gabba - vocal sample "What's your pleasure, mister? The box..." which adds a bit of fun and happiness, too.

Under The Influence Of Giants is nothing but a shit name for a band, calling their debut single "Mama's Room" does not make things better and singing about having sex in moms bedroom is not that individual as it seems to them. But anyway - all three remixes by Richard Vision featured on side A are functional and work well with a more commercial ElectroHouse crowd, coming up with a crossover of the named genre and a bit of 80's Pop plus some Wave and Disco, too. Maybe this promo on Island Records has a short half-life period, but a bit of hit-like music is useful from time to time. And btw - forget about the B-Side coze that's too much Pop'n'Candy.

The Scissor Sisters have put out their recent track "She's My Man" as limited collectors edition on Polydor UK these days. A square-shaped picture 8" is always a nice and decent addition to every collector's archive but as long as the music contained is so similar to things like "Like Ice In The Sunshine" it ain't worth a dime, which is a pity if one regards to what a lavish physical production this record is.

Another release on Polydor is Feist's 10" "My Moon My Man". While the original tune is a bit of Jazz-flavored Easy Listening meets Downbeat the remix by Hamburg-based production team Boyz Noize takes this to a more epic, DeepHouse-flavored level and reach a certain kind of dancefloor functionality with their rework. Flipsidewise we've got "The Water" as official Album version plus 2001 Four-Track-Demo - a pure Jazz tune just based upon Feist's vocals and acoustic arrangements perfectly fitting for small bar-/cafe-lounges and NuJazz-venues.


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